* * * *  H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R  * * * *


* * * *  M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S  * * * *

New Conceptions of Jazz - Box Set - Bugge Wesseltoft

A Special compilation featuring 270 minutes of new versions, remixes,
old favourites, brand new live recordings and a live DVD! ESSENTIAL!

The box will be available soon...
Pre-ordering is possible at Jazzland Records
More details: Discography I

Bugge from Jazzfestival Willisau

If you are member at dime, you may leech your own copy here: Dime
You will be impressed!

Punkt live remixes Vol. 1 is out now at Jazzland Records
1. Live recording from Punkt Festival Kristansand, 31. August 2007
Live remix of the Sweet Billy Pilgrim concert.
Sidsel Endresen: voice
Jan Bang: live sampling, programming
Erik Honoré: live sampling, programming

2. Live recording from Punkt Festival Kristansand, 25. June 2005
Live remix of the Merriwinkle concert.
Jon Hassell: trumpet
Jan Bang: live sampling
Erik Honoré: live sampling

Punkt 08 from 4.-6. September in Kristiansand, Norway
This years festival will be a highlight again.
All you wants to know you'll find at the festival site Punkt 08

Interesting related tourdates
Tuesday 28. October 2008
Humcrush feat. Sidsel Endresen
Alte Feuerwache, Mannheim (GER) Enjoyjazz 2008

Friday 07. November 2008
Nik Bärtsch's Ronin & Nik Bärtsch Live Remixed by Arve Henriksen, Jan Bang, Erik Honoré and Morten Qvenild
Alte Feuerwache, Mannheim (GER) Enjoyjazz 2008

Saturday 08. November 2008
Arve Henriksen - Jan Bang Duo
Karlstorbahnhof, Heidelberg (GER) Enjoyjazz 2008

19. European Jazztival at Schloss Elmau Schloss Elmau
Friday 31. October 2008
Jan Bang and Arve Henriksen

Jazzland Shop Now OPEN!!!

The Jazzland Recordings Online Shop is open for business!
After countless emails asking "Where can we get your CDs?"
we decided enough was enough: Jazzland fans deserve better than this!

So we have set up a new shop, bringing you the latest Jazzland
releases on CD, and a few classics on vinyl (some of these are in
VERY Limited numbers, so if you want one, you'd better get moving!)
To ensure things run smoothly, we will be activating a Live Chat
Support as well - just in case!

Of particular note to many will be The Core's "Office Essentials"
- a true Jazzland classic, but quite difficult to get on CD.

Also in stock is The Mungolian Jet Set's floorthumping debut,
"Navigator" on 12" vinyl!

And of course, there is the latest and greatest from Atomic,
the fantastic Limited Edition Box Set, "Retrograde" (snap it up
while you can, because we still get requests for "The Bikini Tapes"
sorry, it's available in download form only at Buggesroom.com!)

The shop is initially selling CDs and Vinyl to EUROPE ONLY:
other international markets will follow soon, and hot on the
heels of that will be electronic downloads. So remember:
if you aren't getting it delivered within Europe, we will
have to chase you with a LARGE STICK :-)

And to celebrate the opening we are giving you a special
discount for the opening week! Just enter Jazzlandia into
the Promo code box at checkout!

So what are you waiting for? Get shopping! Jazzland Records

Sonic Universe streamed at somafm.com

NEW! NuJazz + avant-garde EuroJazz.
Transcending the world of jazz with eclectic takes on tradition.

Now we have the actual Playlist with all albums available at http://somafm.com
The playlist you can find in the navigation under Sonic Universe
Your comments and recommendations are welcome in our forum Future Jazz Forum
News from Nils Petter Molvær
His new album 're-vision' will be released 21. April 2008.
You can listen to some tracks at his new styled site at MySpace

The official site of NPM is totally relaunched.
Here you can also listen to the tracks of re-vision, his other CDs and watch some videos!

Your comments are welcome in our forum Future Jazz Forum
The next Webconcert at Buggesroom
.. is on Tuesday 15. April 2008 at 9 PM (Oslo Time).

Michyo Yagi and Eivind Aarset
Michyo Yagi - Koto (Japan)
Eivind Aarset - Guitars (Norway)
here at Buggesroom

Third Intermediate Soloconcert
.. is on Tuesday 11. March 2008 at 9 PM (Oslo Time).
here at Buggesroom

A new stream at somafm.com
Just received a letter from a good american friend, Nitya:

Web radio for the rest of us.
I now have the permanent address for my SomaFM.com radio show "Sonic Universe".
This is for the 128k bps mp3 stream which works well with iTunes.


The tagline is "Transcending the world of jazz with eclectic, avant-garde takes on tradition".
I have included much Jazzland, ECM, Rune Grammofon, Nyen (jon Hassell) and similar.
Please give it a listen and tell me what you think.
Any track suggestions are greatly appreciated. All music is from my private cd collection.
There are 200 + tracks on the stream and I hope to have it up to 400 or more within a month.
When the graphics are completed and posted on the somafm.com web site there will be a song
history list with links to amazon.com so a listener will be able to purchase the album with the track
they like. I will be able to add links to those other web sites where artists sell their records directly
to the public.
Your comments are welcome in our forum Future Jazz Forum
Second Intermediate Soloconcert
.. is on Monday 11. February 2008 at 10 PM (Oslo Time).
here at Buggesroom

New actual Tourdates added
... and while looking for some dates in 2007 i found a very nice site
from the Sarajevo Jazz Fest 31. Oct. - 04. Nov. 2007

Bugge played there solo and as Jazzland Community with
* Sidsel Endresen - vokal
* Håkon Kornstad - saksofon, flauta
* Eivind Aarset - gitara
* Bugge Wesseltoft - klavir, klavijature
* Audun Erlien - bas
* Wetle Holte - bubnjevi

Here you can find the program, very nice artworks and some pictures: Sarajevo Jazz Fest

Announcement: As Bugge wrote in his MySpace-Blog, he will give us
a solo concert at Buggesroom in the evening of 12. February 2008.
Keep your eyes and ears open!

Bugge at Cullyjazz 2008
Bugge will play solo at Cullyjazz (Switzerland) 8. April 2008 Cullyjazz

And at 11. April 2008 you can visit Dhafer Youssef Group there
Dhafer Youssef (oud, voix)
Eivind Aarset (guitare, electronics)
Audun Erlien (basse)
Rune Arnesen (drums)

If you are member at Dimeadozen go and leech your copy of
Bugge Wesseltoft Live at Centralstation Darmstadt (Germany) 9. November 2007
There was a seed the last weekend, but the new version is professional
remastered and sounds much better! Dimeadozen

* * * *  H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R  * * * *


Bugge Wesseltoft Plays quietly Solo Piano

Sunday 30. December 2007 at 8 PM Oslo Time



* * * *  M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S  * * * *

Interesting Tourdates December 2007: Håkon Kornstad on tour

December 10, 2007 Jazz Club (double bill with Theo Bleckman Solo) Hannover, Germany
December 13, 2007 Stellwerk Hamburg, Germany
December 14, 2007 Bunker Ulmenwall Bielefeld, Germany
December 15, 2007 Café Teufelwald Dachau, Germany

More info here:

'IM' Release concert

Release concert at Belleville Oslo

Wed 18.Oct at 9.15 PM Oslotime

Bugge Wesseltoft - Grand Piano and Electronics

However whatch and listen at Livestream
And after the concert there will be a live chat.

Soon the new Bugge Solo-CD 'IM' will be released

Here some new tourdates:
2007-11-26 CH Zürich @ Moods
2007-11-25 CH Bern @ Bee-Flat
2007-11-11 GER Aalen @ Jazzfest Aalen
2007-11-10 GER Dortmund @ Domicil
2007-11-09 GER Darmstadt @ Centralstation
2007-10-31 GER Berlin @ Babylon
2007-10-30 GER Hamburg @ Fabrik

NEW CDs: Jazzland Community. and Håkon Kornstad's 'Single Engine'

All details at Discography II. Available at Bugge's Room however in excellent quality.

More dates from the Jazzland Summercamp in Berlin!

In summer 2005 Bugge was at Jazz à Vienne with Laurent Garnier.
If you want to see this concert at Mezzo TV, here the dates:
15. July 2007 - 19:00 h
16. July 2007 - 22:45 h
19. July 2007 - 01:45 h
27. July 2007 - 19:00 h
31. July 2007 - 01:45 h

The JAZZLAND SUMMERCAMP over the whole summer @ Berlin

There will be every Sunday evening at 20 h pm another event with the
artists from Jazzland Community and all well known here.
It starts at 27. May 2007 and ends September 2007.
Here the actual dates:
27. May - Håkon Kornstad Solo & Local DJs
03. June - Punkt (Duo - Jan Bang & Sidsel Endresen) & Local DJs
10. June - Bugge & Local DJs
08. July - Eivind Aarset
15. July - DJ Strangefruit
22. July - Håkon Kornstad
05. August - Torun Eriksen
19. August - Mungolian Jet Set feat. Bugge Wesseltoft

Location: Badeschiff at the Spree

A perfect trio @ Buggesroom from Belleville Oslo

Monday, 23. April 2007 at 9 PM Oslo Time

Jan Bang (Punkt)
Sampling - Sounds
DJ Strangefruit (Mungolian Jetset)
Bugge Wesseltoft
Tonal Sounds

Old friends resampling the golden year of 1996 in Oslo. Where jazz met electronic music in clubs.

Live Stream     All Tourdates

Some Updates at Tourdates and Discography II

Live Maria @ Buggesroom live from Oslo
Wednesday, 14. February 2007 at 9 PM Oslo Time

Listen to:
Live Maria - Fall
taken from new release Circuit Songs Out on Jazzland February 2007

Live Maria - Fall

Some Updates @ Discography (II and III), more to come soon.
Because the Flash isn't longer working, there is the actual picture from Bugges Webcam.
Please note that the nights in Norway are dark, so the picture sometimes is only black
Last week we could see Bugge working for some days in Buggesroom, on his new Solo Album?!!!

Did you try out the Calendar (look at the right top)? Please feel free to make your entries.


* * * *  H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R  * * * *

Some Updates @ the Picture Galleries
Friday, 10. November 2006 Heidelberg, Karlstorbahnhof (GER)

Take a look at a lot of professional pictures by Stefan Oldenburg
from Jazzentrix in the Gallery 3

and some not so professional pictures by Weisi ;-) in the Gallery 4

Phil Parnell Trio @ Buggesroom live from Belleville
Friday, 24. November 2006 at 8 PM Oslo Time

Espen Laub von Lillienskjold - drums
Torben Bøtker Bjørnskov - bass
The new album 'Funky Feet' is this month's feature and available at Buggesroom Funky Feet


Tuesday, 7. November 2006 : Jazzland Community in Dortmund, Domicil
Wednesday, 8. November 2006 : Jazzland Community in Köln, Stadtgarten
Thursday, 9. November 2006 : Jazzland Community in Köln, Stadtgarten
Friday, 10. November 2006 : Jazzland Community in Heidelberg, Karlstorbahnhof


*** Was announced but didn't happen ***

Phil Parnell's Releaseconcert @ Buggesroom
Tuesday, 24. October 2006 at 9 PM Oslo Time

If you're interested in more information about Phil look here Discogs
Here you'll find a list of his releases, remixes and appearings.

MUNGOLIAN JET SET: Beauty Came To Us In Stone

After a long time of waiting the CD is available.
Buy it online in high quality for your Hifi and mp3 quality for your walkman Buggesroom

For introducing there has been a live transmission from Buggesroom, the video
is available on Bugges concert site.

From the following chat here some nice pics:

The first CD from the new Label PUNKT RECORDINGS is out today

The Punkt CD "Crime Scenes" featuring guests like David Sylvian, Nils Petter Molvær,
Sidsel Endresen, Arve Henriksen, Audun Kleive and Eivind Aarset.
You can buy it online in high quality for your Hifi and mp3 quality for your walkman Buggesroom

1 Map (3:51) - Jan Bang/Erik Honoré
2 Challange (0:18) - Jan Bang/Erik Honoré
3 Angels (3:56) - Jan Bang/Erik Honoré/David Sylvian/Arve Henriksen/Audun Kleive
4 Picket Fences (0:33) - Jan Bang/Erik Honoré/Nils Petter Molvær
5 Comfort (3:38) - Jan Bang/Erik Honoré
6 Her Ghost (4:19) - Jan Bang/Erik Honoré/Sidsel Endresen
7 Body Language (3:05) - Jan Bang/Erik Honoré/Arve Henriksen
8 Patience (0:30) - Jan Bang/Erik Honoré
9 Speechless (3:43) - Jan Bang/Erik Honoré
10 Bird's Eye (4:29) - Jan Bang/Erik Honoré/Eivind Aarset
11 Residue (1:43) - Jan Bang/Erik Honoré/Sidsel Endresen
12 Reconstruction (3:53) - Jan Bang/Erik Honoré/Nils Petter Molvær/Arve Henriksen
13 Loss (3:29) - Jan Bang/Erik Honoré/Tore Honoré Böe


Here two important dates:
24. August at 5 PM (European Time) and 25. August at 5 PM

For the complete program look here Punktfestival and at 5 PM here Buggesroom

To be released 1. September 2006: Lars Danielsson "Mélange Bleu"
With Lars Danielsson, Bugge Wesseltoft, Nils Petter Molvær, Eivind Aarset,
Jon Christensen, Anders Engen, Jan Bang, Pål Strangefruit Nyhus and more.
Look, listen to and buy at Actmusic

Very good news for fans in Germany and China ;-)

Bugge is in Germany with the Jazzland Community in autumn (Sidsel Endresen,
Eivind Aarset, Håkon Kornstad, Bugge Wesseltoft, Wetle Holte & Marius Reksjø)

He is also on tour with Mike Mainieri as Northern Light
Mike Manieri - vibraphone
Bugge - keys and bass synth.
Bendik Hofseth - sax
Jan Bang - sampling
Paolo Vinaccia - drums and percussion

The China-Tour is a little difficult to verify, look here Link or here Link
If you can read this and help with dates please come to our Forum
and tell us what you have found.
Not all dates are verified, so check the Tourdates for upcoming concerts.

The Enjoy Jazz Masterclass 2006

There will be a workshop in Germany, Heidelberg, Karlstorbahnhof
on 10. November 2006. This workshop is (as written on the webpage)
"not for beginners".

So use your chance to play with Bugge.
For your announcement use this form Enjoy Jazz

Look here Tourdates for Bugges concerts at Enjoyjazz.
Dhafer Youssef - Divine Shadows

2006 Emarcy Records | CD 060249877224
Here you can listen to extracts of all songs Jazzecho
and read an article from the german magazine.
Did you already order your tickets for Punkt 06
Bugge will be there as Jazzland Community 24. August 2006 19:00 h
and 25. August 2006 20:00 h with a solo piano (sounds very interesting!)

At the Festival will be the most important musicians from Norway (alphabetical):
Anne Marie Almedal, Jan Bang, Mari Boine, Bill Bruford, Michiel Borstlap, Lars Danielsson Kvartett,
Elsewhere, Sidsel Endresen + Jan Bang, Fennesz, Food, Anja Garbarek, Frode Gjerstad,
Bernhard Günter, Arve Henriksen, Erik Honoré, Hanne Hukkelberg, Audun Kleive,
Nils Petter Molvær + Deathprod, Phonophani + Marius Watz, Karl Seglem, Tys Tys,
Wagner Reloaded, Bugge Wesseltoft / Jazzland Community, Wibutee

Do you know Böhm-Halle-Sell?
Rainer Böhm piano (Ger), Gunnar Halle trumpet & electronics (Nor), Rainer Sell laptop (Ger).
The 2nd CD "Ozon" of this norwegian/german trio is out at Jazzcuisine

gen;lon - Dong Dong Gaaf

2006 Emarcy Records | CD 06024 9872041 7
Read here an article from the german magazine Jazzecho
You can also listen to extracts of all songs.

2006-05-14 The Unofficials section has some new updates.

Don't forget to visit our Forum, talk with us and contribute! FUTURE-JAZZ FORUM

Some streamed pictures from the Liveconcert at Buggesroom on 27. April 2006.


All users from molvaer.de have been converted and can login now.
There is a forum for tests, where you can try out what you want
and give feedback about errors or what should be better.
We hope you enjoy it! FUTURE-JAZZ FORUM

And of course new members are very welcome.
So please feel free to register as a member and discuss with others.

The Mungolian Jet Set live at Buggesroom:

From Parkteatret, Grunerløkka, Oslo
Will be upcoming on Thursday, the 27. of April 2006
at 22:00 h Oslo time.

Dj. Strangefuit - Vinyl
Knut Sævik - Rythms
Paolo Vinaccia - Percussion
Ingebrigt "Ingo" Flaten - Bass
Bugge Wesseltoft - Fender Rhodes

2006-04-17 The CALENDAR works fine
The language should be yours, it's taken from your browser settings.

2006-03-29 The Tourdates section has some new dates for April and May

Do you know MySpace.com? Here two links to start surfing through the network:
Bugge Another one

Some (dark) pictures from the chat with Sidsel Endresen
at Buggesroom on 28. March 2006.

Some streamed pictures from the Liveconcert at Buggesroom on 28. March 2006.
There have been very nice visual effects!

2006-03-22 MERRIWINKLE will play at Buggesroom 28. March 2006 20:00 h Oslo Time
Sidsel Endresen: Vocal
Christian Wallumrød: Prepared Piano and Synth
Helge Sten: Sounds

2006-03-16 --> Next week we'll have the chance to chat with Bugge <--
Every day the whole week from Monday until Friday at 15:00h to 16:00h (Oslo Time) here: Bugges Chatroom
So be online, use your chance and tell all others what you think (about music).

The Moers Jazzfestival at Pfingsten 2006 presents every day highlights Moers Jazzfestival
Friday 2. June 2006: John Scofield & Bugge Wesseltoft
(John Scofield, g / Bugge Wesseltoft, keys / Ole Morten Vaagan, b / Andreas Bye, dr / Jonas Lonna, dj / Rickardo Gensollen, perc / Jan Martin Vågen, video)
(Arve Henriksen, tp, voc / Dhafer Youssef, oud / Terje Isungset, perc / Jan Bang, electr / Helge Sten, electr / Asle Karstad, sound plus videoart, dancers and additional musicians)
Saturday 3. June 2006: Arve Henriksen/Jan Bang/Audun Kleive
(Arve Henriksen, tp / Jan Bang, live sampling / Audun Kleive, dr)
Sunday 4. June 2006: Molvær/Laswell/Aarset/Drake/Dieng
(Nils Petter Molvær, tr / Eivind Aarset, g / Bill Laswell, b / Hamid Drake, dr / Aiyb Dieng, perc)

Torun Eriksen - Prayers & Observations
You can read more about her new album (in german) and listen to soundprobes of all songs here: Jazzecho Discussion is also possible.

If you want to see Torun Eriksen life (2005 in Norway) with Bugge
look and listen to the stream at this site: Jazzecho
2006-03-04 Some pictures from the concert and chat with Torun Eriksen
at Buggesroom on 1. March 2006.

Some streamed pictures from the Jazzland Community Tour at Cosmopolite Oslo
on 12. February 2006.

All available covers are now in the Unofficials section, there will come more.
2006-02-23 Added two dates in Tourdates for June 2006, found at John Scofield's web
Torun Eriksen live at Buggesroom:

Will be upcoming on Wednesday, the 1. of March 2006
at 19:00 h Oslo time.

2006-02-16 Premiere on www.wesseltoft.de!
The Buggesroom-Newsfeed, as actual as Bugge feeds.
If you don't see it on the left top, please refresh your browser.

A new concert on Tourdates: 18. March 2006
2006-02-07 From Vossajazz 2003 will be published a new CD.
With Terje Rypdals Vossabrygg Bugge played electric piano and synth. Look here

The next Buggesroom concert will come from Cosmopolite in Oslo.
Stay tuned at Sunday, 12. February 21:00 h Oslo Time. Cosmopolite
However you may listen and see what happens at Buggesroom

While the last chat in January i asked Bugge for the next concerts
in Germany: One will be in Moers at Moers Jazz-Festival. Their program
is still not published, but at www.wesseltoft.de you'll find the date soon.

Are you interested what happened at the Chat-Session? Try this: Chat scripts
2006-02-01 Until the new Forum will be installed our Molvaer-Forum is linked in the Navigation.
Please see under "-> Forum" or click here: Forum

If you don't know it: Today is Bugge's Birthday!

2006-01-24 Can you see it? We have a professionel Logo! Philip Lampe created it exclusive for our page.
If you want to learn and listen about he's doing: Repeatpeak

Another date with Bugge is on 25. Januar in Oslo, Dattera. See under Tourdates.

An article from the german newspaper "Die Zeit" can be found under the Press-section.

The next picture gallery is in work and (yes it's true) the Forum will come in one of the next weeks.
2006-01-20 Here some pictures from the Chat after today's concert at Buggesroom.
We could listen to the music, we had no picture during the gig.
Bugge & AudunBugge, Christian, Audun
Bugge, Jon Balke, AudunBugge, Sten, Dhahii

There will be an addition at Unofficials-Section soon.
2006-01-18 New dates are added in Tourdates-Section with links.

And a lot of unpublished pictures from fans in the Pictures-Gallery.
2006-01-14 The next dates:
Friday 20. January. 20.00 PM(Oslo time)
Live from Buggesroom: AUDUN KLEIVE
Audun Kleive: Drums and Synthesizer, Christian Wallumrød: FenderRhodes and Synthesizer
Bugge Wesseltoft: Sounds and Bass Synthesizer
Don't miss it at Buggesroom

Wednesday 1. February at "Jazzland Comunity Tour" at the Levanger Jazzclub
Bugge Wesseltoft: tangenter, Sidsel Endresen: vokal
Håkon Kornstad: saksofon, Eivind Aarset: gitar
Marius Reksjø: bass, Wetle Holte: trommer
Stig Henriksen: lyd. More details here LevangerJazzKlubb

Friday 10. February at "Jazzland 10 years" concert in Bergen, Norway
Sidsel Endresen: vocals, Bugge Wesseltoft: piano and electronics
Eivind Aarset: guitar, Håkon Kornstad: saxophone
Wetle Holte: drums, Marius Reksjø: bass. More details here BergenJazzForum

The Pictures Gallery has started, have fun with it.
2006-01-11 According to norwegian newspaper VG, the song "Try" from the Bugge&Sidsel album "Out here, In there" is used in a "romantic scene" in the movie "Prime". The movie will apparently come to Europe soon. Look here
The song is also on the soundtrack album for the movie. Look here

The "Discography"-Sections are available now. The next step will be "Pics".
2006-01-05 Bugge will be playing solo at the POLARJAZZ, LONGYEARBYEN 26. - 28. JANUAR 2006
There are also Nils Petter Molvær and a lot of other known artists. For the complete program look here: Polarjazz

Would you like to see Bugge skiing? Bugge skiing or here Bugge skiing

The "Disography"-Section is heavily under construction. Part I is available.

The "Unofficials" section has some updates.
The norwegian radio NRK P2 nominates every week the Ukas P2-Artist
and Bugge was it in two weeks from 9.9.2003 until 12.9.2003 and from
12.7.2004 until 15.7.2004. They played commercial music and made interviews
with Bugge in norwegian.
For a complete list of all artists look here: Ukas P2 Artits

At the unofficials you can find some highlighted dates.
These are links to corresponding websites.

2005-12-25 The "Tourdates" section is online.

The Christmas Concert from 22. December 2005 was without Sidsel Endresen, she was sick.

Håkon Kornstad played Saxophone and Bugge the Piano.

After the live event the fans could chat with  Håkon and Bugge. Here two pictures from the webcam:

Chatting Bugge Chatting Hakon
2005-12-20 NOTHING ELSE??

Please have a look, the "Unofficials" section is online and still under progress.
All other is highly in work.
Every day step by step we'll come to startup the BUGGE WESSELTOFT Fanpage here.

And do not miss the Christmas Concert at Bugge's Room at 22. December 2005 with Sidsel Endresen, Christian  Wallumrød and Helge Sten.

MERRI WINKLE  at 20:00 PM Oslo time: www.buggesroom.com