Some short news...
The german magazine DER SPIEGEL has a nice photo with Bugge and his daughter and advises a nice gift for jazzfans.

In other news, Bugge is selling his studio equipment because he is fed up with running a full scale studio for so many years. Now he wants to concentrate on his other projects, like Gubemusic. Look Here
Bugge's music in a cinema
Bugge will be in St. Pölten (Austria) at Cinema Paradiso 3. November 2009 Cinema-Paradiso
The press release in german:

Programmkino St. Pölten
3.11.2009, 20.15 Uhr

Der Star der norwegischen Musikszene gastiert im perfekten Ambiente für
seine Musik: Im St. Pöltner Programmkino "Cinema Paradiso" rührt Bugge
Wesseltoft am 3. November seine unnachahmliche Mischung aus lässigen
Computer-Beats und coolen Jazz-Vibes an.

Ein Konzertabend, der zwei Musikwelten perfekt verbindet: Deep House und
Drum and Bass trifft auf Miles Davis und John Coltrane. Wesseltoft
begeistert damit die Fans aus beiden Musiklagern gleichermaßen: Egal ob
Elektronik-Bastler am Computer oder Jazz-Purist, alle liegen ihm zu Füßen.
Die einen staunen über die fein gesponnenen Sounds, die anderen danken
Wesseltoft, dass er ihrer Musik neues Leben einhaucht.

Der innovative Grenzgänger verblüfft seit Mitte der 90er die Musikwelt: Ein
kleiner, quirliger Mann steht auf der Bühne, schraubt an den Klangreglern,
fegt über die Tastatur seines Laptops und wirft den Drum-Synthesizer an.
Dazwischen hechtet er zum akustischen Flügel, begeistert mit seiner
autodidaktischen Technik und ist kurz darauf wieder zurück beim
elektronischen Equipment, um die Samples neu zu mischen. Weil Wesseltoft in
keine bekannte Schublade passt, hat er gleich seine eigene geschaffen: „New
Conception of Jazz" nennt er seine Musik, Jazzland ist sein eigens
gegründetes Label.

Wesseltoft ist heute auf Clubbings genauso zuhause wie im Konzertsaal. Man
kann dem Mann aus dem hohen Norden ehrfurchtsvoll lauschen oder zu seiner
Musik lässig abtanzen. Sein selbst gestecktes Ziel hat er erreicht: Dem
Stumpfsinn aus den Clubs verbannen und den Jazz wieder zu entstauben.

Auf keinen Fall verpassen! Der Meister ist nur für zwei Konzerte in
Österreich, Cinema Paradiso ist die einzige Station im Osten.


Infos unter www.cinema-paradiso.at oder 02742 21 400
Rathausplatz 14, 3100 St. Pölten

Bugge again in Berlin @ Badeschiff
Bugge will be in Berlin again at 30. August 2009 OHSOTRUE
It's a very nice open air location, pictures you can see at the Ohsotrue site.
At Google maps: Berlin, Eichenstrasse 4

From Montreux Jazz at 14. July 2009:
Two very good videos are added at Youtube Dreaming and Leave my head alone
Bugge and Henrik Schwarz.

Double concert in Gronau (GER) at 28. August 2009:
Bugge and Nils Petter Molvær will give a double concert Münsterlandfestival

This years Punktfestivals program is out now
After a reconstruction the site is now online: Punktfestival

Wednesday 02. September, Kick Scene (Punkt Elope program)
Doors open at 18.00
* 19.00 Mattis Myrland & The Grand Trunk Road Ensemble
* 20.00 Metamorphic
* 21.00 Philco Fiction
* 22.00 Navyelectre

Thursday 03. September, Agder Teater
* 18:00 Adam Rudolph Go: Organic Orchestra (US/N) (free admission)
* 19:00 LabField (N/S) + Kim Myhr/Sébastien Roux (N/F)
* 19:50 Live Remix (to be announced)
* 20:45 Maja Ratkje + Sidsel Endresen (N)
* 21:30 Live Remix (to be announced)
* 22:30 Jarle Bernhoft solo (N)
* 23:30 Live Remix (to be announced)

Friday 04. September, Agder Teater
* 18:00 Anne Marie Almedal (N)
* 18:45 Live Remix (to be announced)
* 19:45 Sweet Billy Pilgrim (UK)
* 20:30 Live Remix (to be announced)
* 21:30 Susanna & The Magical Orchestra (N)
* 22:20 Live Remix (to be announced)
* 23:00 Ursula Rucker - Ruckus Soundsysdom (US)
* 23:50 Live Remix (to be announced)

Saturday 05. September, Agder Teater
* 18:00 Arve Henriksen (N)
* 18:50 Live Remix: Peter Tornqvist/Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra
* 19:45 Helge Lien Trio (N)
* 20:30 Live Remix (to be announced)
* 21:30 Albatrosh (N)
* 22:20 Live Remix (to be announced)
* 23:00 Punkt Kunst: "Exits" (N/UK)

For pictures about the last years you can look here 2007 and here 2008

Music makes Community - Community makes music!
This is the new website where you will find a lot of music: GUBEMUSIC

"With Gubemusic you have the opportunity to comment on our opinions and to state your own.
You can comment on all our blogs: and our blogs are created and maintained by artists,
labels and your friendly Gubemusic staff.

You can check out samples from all the music before you even consider buying, and if you
buy something you like, you can recommend it to your friends or fellow Gubemusic subscribers
by use of our widgets.

We will be publishing blogs by the artists themselves and the record labels they are part of,
as well as publishing our own blogs about the music that excites us.
And you can contribute to discussion as well: your voice is important to us!

Even the seasoned music listener sometimes hits a wall when trying to find more of the kind
of music he likes. Gubemusic offers monthly recommendations of great music both old and new!
New releases - Oldies but goldies - Experimental music - World music.
Find the music you always wanted to hear and know about."

Håkon Kornstad releases his new Solo album in September 2009
New solo album, "Dwell Time" ready! 8 tracks, 44 minutes.
Recorded in Oslo's Sofienberg Church by Jan Erik Kongshaug.
See more at Håkon's website www.kornstad.com
The CD will be available soon at Jazzland Records.

Bugge's discography is updated in the section Compilations & Remixes There's more to come.

All known tourdates are updated too at Tourdates.
Bugge's new Solo Album 'Playing' is available
Order your cd at Jazzland Records. Sound files are available there too!
The next tourdates are:
07.03.2009 Victoria-Club, Oslo
13.03.2009 Brotfabrik, Frankfurt (GER)
14.03.2009 Chemnitz (GER)
17.03.2009 Leipzig (GER)
18.03.2009 Jazzland Sessions, Babylon, Berlin (GER)
28.03.2009 Istanbul with DJ Yakuza
08.05.2009 Maijazz, Stavanger
10.05.2009 Beiruth, Libanon
12.05.2009 Beiruth, Libanon
21.05.2009 Triest, Italy

JAZZLAND NIGTHS in Berlin Babylon (Cinema)

Jazzland-Nights has announced a row of double-bill concerts, starting with
Bugge Wesseltoft w/ special guest Henrik Schwarz
AND Beady Belle (Beate S. Lech, Marius Reksjø, ...)
on march 18th, 2009 at the Babylon Kino, Berlin

There will be more concerts this year, so keep your eyes open!

At Jazzland Nights you can see more and some YouTube videos.


At first a happy new year 2009 to all visitors!!!

The intro site is now splitted into sections for every year beginning with 2005.
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The webcam is offline as you can see. Bugge told that his PC is out of order and so there
is no connection to the cam. In the meanwhile we have a nice clock.

Bugge's new solo album titled 'Playing' will be out in some weeks!
Then there will come up a new web site www.gubemusic.com with a lot of new stuff.

The online shop at www.jazzlandrec.com will be growing.
Registered members will have special offers there from time to time!

Our work at the unofficials section is still not ready, a lot of work to do.

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